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Website Clean-up

With our clean-up service, you can get your hacked website back up and running in no time and a full year of support with unlimited future cleanups.

If your website has been hacked and you are not on the Limelight Advanced plan, firstly we will see if we can install a clean back-up.

Our back-up’s are only kept for 30 days so if your site has been hacked for over 30 days this
option will not work. If the clean back-up install is available there will be no charge for this service and we will offer you a maintenance package if the site shows vulnerabilities.

If your website needs a complete clean up we will remove any malware and repair the hack on your site within 12 hours.

We will perform a continuous malware scan for 12 months after the repair, so you can be rest assured your site is safe. We’ll perform blacklist monitoring and stop any possible hacks coming in for 12 months.

Limelight Design Studio Security

Tramadol 50 Mg Buy, Us Tramadol Online

Limelight Design Studio Security

Tramadol 50 Mg Buy, Us Tramadol Online

Limelight Design Studio Security

Blacklist Removal

Limelight Design Studio Security

Monitoring & Scanning

Limelight Design Studio Security

WordPress Hardening

Limelight Design Studio Security

1 Year Support