Is your Website your Growth?

An up-to-date, mobile ready website will generate more traffic, creating more leads and improving your ROI.

March Only Website Offers

In today modern digital age, having a website is a must for every business, no matter what you sell, provide or do having a fully functioning website seems to be an essential part of the arsenal for your marketing.

At Limelight Design we know websites, we especially know website design, and how the design of your website affects your website traffic, how people use your site and how functional it is. You may have had the same website for years, perhaps it’s looking a little out of date and tired? Maybe it’s time to freshen up the old website and give it a new facelift.

It’s not just the visuals we take care of, much of the hard work goes in to creating a good CMS behind each website design. The CMS (Content Management System) is the way you manage your content, giving you the ability to add text, imagery and products onto your site whenever and wherever you want. For every website design we create at Limelight we give you a good, reliable CMS that won’t let you down, it’s easy to learn and will stand the test of time.

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We can critically analyse your website and give you a few pointers as how to improve it. Give it a go today, you might surprise yourself!

Website MOT

We can critically analyse your website and give you a few pointers as how to improve it. Give it a go today, you might surprise yourself!

Current times your online presence is vital to your business. This is often what your customers see first therefore having this up to date and of a good quality is extremely important! Imagine you are a customer on your website, think about what issues they might find, what they might be looking for and if its easy to find. Whilst doing this you need to think about if it is working for what you want, for example, do you want them to call you or buy directly from your site? Your social media is also important, are you regularly posting? This is a great way of showing your potential customers what you have been up to and showing great examples of your work!

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Website March-only Offers

Is your website stunting your growth?

Is your Website your Growth? An up-to-date, mobile ready website will generate more traffic, creating more leads and improving your ROI. In today modern digital age, having a website is


Our new in-house Custom Built Theme Framework

Our new in-house custom designedTheme Framework We understand website speed and security is important, that’s why we built our own WordPress theme framework from the ground up to be fast,


What is a Content Management System

What is a Content Management System? Well, put simply it will enable you to quickly and easily edit your own website without any need to contact us and pay us