Make a with your logo

Whether it is a few little tweaks or a complete revamp, we can boost your brand with the help of our in-house designers.

We want you to make a statement with your logo, and here at Limelight design studio we can help.

We believe that the right logo will work wonders for your business whether your established or just starting up. Having a successful logo means you can target the right clients and audience for your business needs, whilst demonstrating a professional clean brand.

Our designers will create a custom logo you’ll love, guaranteed. We’ll give you 4 initial concepts as per your specifications and work with you until your final approval.

Once approved, your final logo will be supplied to you in print and web ready formats EPS, JPG, TIFF and PDF – Ready to show off on all of your business platforms.

All our logo designs are vector which means they stay crisp even on an extremely large scale. So whether yo need printed banners, shop signage or just a small icon on an email signature – no job is too big!

We can also supply your business profile complimentary, resized for Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.

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Website March-only Offers

Is your website stunting your growth?

Is your Website your Growth? An up-to-date, mobile ready website will generate more traffic, creating more leads and improving your ROI. In today modern digital age, having a website is


Our new in-house Custom Built Theme Framework

Our new in-house custom designedTheme Framework We understand website speed and security is important, that’s why we built our own WordPress theme framework from the ground up to be fast,


What is a Content Management System

What is a Content Management System? Well, put simply it will enable you to quickly and easily edit your own website without any need to contact us and pay us