black sheep mission command and conquer generals

black sheep mission command and conquer generals

  • Catégories: black
  • Seed : 81
  • Leech : 61

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Black Sheep was the name of a GLA mission cut from C&C Generals before its release. It was cut due to the controversial nature of the mission; the player is tasked with eradicating civilians in a town sympathetic to Chinese forces. Command and Conquer Generals 'Black Sheep' est une mission annexe du titre sorti en 2003. Prévue initialement dans le jeu, cette troisième mission a été . Command & Conquer™ Generals puts your trigger finger on the pulse of modern warfare. Prepare your forces, General… it's time to engage in . Black Sheep was originally slated to be the third mission in the Global Liberation Army campaign where players were given command of the . In celebration of the sixth anniversary of Command & Conquer Generals, EALA have released Black Sheep - The Lost Mission of C&C . Command & Conquer fans can now download the mission Black Sheep for free on and unleash their inner . A l'occasion de l'anniversaire de la sortie de Command & Conquer Generals, Electronic Arts publie un bonus pack intitulé Black Sheep: The Lost Mission.


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