Social Media

Social Media is the best place to get out there, promote yourself and network with other businesses.

Everyone is on it and using it to their advantage. Being available via a number of different social sites enables you to be in touch and instantly respond to others messages, as well as comment on others’ posts and statuses.

When it comes to business we know how difficult it can be to market yourself to others and to get your services across.

We can offer useful tips and advice to help you get more work through social media, or, if you’re not on any of the sites, can set up on Facebook and Twitter.

Blogging through your website is a great way to capture new potential clients and can post straight from your blog to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, making it a quick and simple way to update your social media pages. You should normally consider posting a blog at least twice a week so people can see and remember what you do.

A blog that works well will let Google know that you’ve got a top-notch, quality website which in turn will build your companies credibility and reputation, free PR which enables a two-way conversation between you and new subscribers, and it creates more brand awareness.

It can be tricky to come up with a different topic for a blog everyday, but it doesn’t have to be. You can give tips and step-by-step guides, write a review, look at what images you could use to capture clients’ attention or blog about some work you’ve done for an existing client. It’s important to make sure your blogs are relevant to your target audience.

The great thing about blogging is that you’ll end up with lots of useful information that can be recycled for other promotional material on any social media site, emails and e-shots.

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