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Website Design MOT

Are you not sure about your website design? Do you feel like it needs a refresh, a rebrand and a good tidy up?

Website MOT

Everything eventually get’s out of date, whether it’s your mobile phone, television or the pair of shoes your standing in, everything needs an update every now and then, even a website design. But sometimes it’s hard to know just what to do next. Whats the next step? Do I need to update what I have? Am I too scared to update what I am comfortable with? After al this pair of shoes suits my feet wonderfully!

It’s the same with a website, after a number of years the website will become outdated, unusable and irrelevant, especially in the fast paced world of website deign.

This is why here at Limelight Design we have created the Website Design MOT service, meaning that you can have a consultation on how well your website is performing. For example, whether your website design stands the test of SEO, mobile responsiveness and whether or not your can edit your website effectively.

We are a consultative service, which means we like to sit down with our customers and talk through their website with them, we include you, after all it’s your website! Pop in and talk to our website design team, ask as many questions as you want, we are well placed to answer them for you. Website design can be a daunting, strange world, full of confusion and mystery, let us cut through all the jargon and explain website design to you in a simple, clear to understand way.