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What is a
Content Management System?

Well, put simply it will enable you to quickly and easily edit your own website without any need to contact us and pay us extortionate amounts to update one line of text.

Tramadol Hcl Online, Order Tramadol From India

Whether you need to update your contact details or add another hundred products to your online shop, a Content Management System (CMS) will give you the power to update what you like, when you like.

At our Suffolk based Website Design Studio we offer free training on using your new website, so you can be sure that if you need to update information, images, text, prices, testimonials or even a spelling mistake, you have access to your website editor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We would rather give you the flexibility and convenience of being able to edit your own content than try to make money by charging you for simple updates.

Web Design that creates an avalanche of leads for our clients!

We use that latest technologly and software for all of our sites using Content Management Systems. Limelight Design Studio uses the most popular CMS programs there is on the market.

It is well supported and has a very user friendly interface for you to use when editing your content. If you can use a keyboard and navigate sites like eBay or Amazon then you can use our software. Don’t take our word for it though, why not check out our Testimonials.

For a quote on building your new website why not pop in to our studio in Bury St Edmunds or fill out the contact form…

  • Easily edit and update your site
  • Free website training given
  • Social Media integration
  • e-Commerce solutions
  • Applications to suit every business

Made with by Limelight Design & Print